Different ideas for living room colors

It is agreed about that different colors have significant different effects on peoples moods , emotions and energy levels , brighter colors revive the soul cheer you up and boost up your energy level , on the other hand we find darker colors have a longer lasting charming influence on people .

Warmer colors lend your room a more cozy and relaxing effect , while liveable colors such as red make your room vibrant and make your guests more energetic on the other hand lighter colors such as creamy beige and gray transform your room into a place that’s more suitable for relaxing and enjoying calm moments .
Different colors also affect the first impression taken about the size of the room , lighter colors make the room look bigger because they let more light come in the room , while darker colors give coziness and reduce the feeling of being in a huge room .

One of the first things to consider while drawing your thoughts of how you want to design your living room is the painting colors , the painting colors have a big part to play in making the desired final ambiance of the room . the balance of the painting colors of the living room and the contrast that blending different colors lend to the room give the eyes more attractive appearance that reduce the boredom feeling that come after spending enough time in the room .

If you are planing to have a favorite theme then it would be axiomatic to choose the rest of the painting colors matching the theme you choose , if you prefer a natural theme then the different shades of colors such as brown , green , or blue will be ideally matching a natural theme , but if you tend for modernity more then colors like black , purple , red and white combinations will give the modern tone you desire for the room , orange and brown will suit country styles .

For example if you want a modern living room then opt for colors like black , white , red ,purple and gray are perfect colors to generate a modern look however when you are deciding the painting colors try to keep them with in the range of only three colors so you don’t over do it . and keep in mind to keep the furniture of your living room and accessories within this range of colors as well to create a harmonious ambiance .

On the other hand if you want a more classic and cozy feeling then opt for colors like chocolate brown and the different shades of browns along with creamy beige . a cozy room will be more welcoming to your guests as it will allow them relax more .

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