Different Palettes for a Modern Kitchen

A kitchen is no longer that bleak dull dungeon a housewife is committed to everyday for preparing food. Instead, the modern trend has offered you the opportunity to make your kitchen a balanced cheerful gathering place for the family. The major secret of this transformation is colors as they are closely associated with moods and personalities. In this article, we will give you different ideas for coloring a pleasant kitchen.

The first element of the modern palette is the classic touch represented in neutral colors. The most popular of these colors is the solid black and white. This classic harmonious couple of colors is usually used for checkerboard flooring. But, it can be scattered over the other components of the kitchen, as well. For example, get the cabinets and tiled splash backs in white while the worktops in black, so that you can keep the balance of colors. Alternatively, you can use the red and white for a checkerboard floor. Extend the white to the tiled splash backs and the red to the countertops, which will be a true charming retro style.

The second element that complements the modern palette is the bright touch that makes your kitchen charming and keeps all balanced. This touch can be represented in many colors as the cool green and blue, or brighter bold yellow, cobalt blue, turquoise, yellow green, tangerine orange, or candy-apple red. One or more of these colors can be used mainly for your accessories as vintage linen, plastic seating, toasters, kettles, fridges, and cookers. Also, you can use these bright colors for walls and window blind, especially if your kitchen is big enough, to keep the feel of excitement. But, if you have a small kitchen, you can get the soft shades of these colors so as to keep glamour and avoid narrowness. Also, if you have a medium-size kitchen, you can paint the smallest wall in one of such stunning colors, using other gradient shades for the other walls, away from the faint shades and keeping the luster of the place.

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