Different Types of Bathroom Interior Design – Modern and Traditional

Bathroom interior design is often neglected because the utility sought from the bathroom is available regardless of the design. Nonetheless, choosing the wrong type of bathroom interior design can make the bathroom an awkward odd room in the house. There are several different types of bathroom interior designs and here is a hint about the main types:

Modern Bathroom Interior Design

 The trend towards modern design rises because this style is characterized by functionality and elegance. Small bathrooms can make great use of modern interior design because it features a minimalistic tendency with no ornate details that take up space. Colors used in modern design are usually neutral like a mixture of black and white, or brown and beige with a few touches of complementary colors.

Fixtures in a modern bathroom interior design are usually made of glossy stainless steel to give a magnificent impression. There is a trend towards using open showers in modern bathrooms instead of bathtubs to save up space and have a unique appearance. You may opt a colored glass sink with a glass soap holder but avoid this option in bathrooms shared with little children for safety.

Traditional Bathroom Interior Design

 Classic designs in all categories are chosen for being timeless and attractive. This type of bathroom interior design uses smooth angles and gentle curves along with elaborate details such as floral prints to manifest as a masterpiece. Colors used in traditional bathrooms include white, pink, sky blue and light green. The colors and details can be seen on the bathroom furniture, tiles or even waterproof wallpaper. One piece that distinguishes a traditional bathroom design is the claw-footed bathtub.

Whether you pick a modern or traditional bathroom interior design, know that the best flooring options for bathrooms are ceramic tiles and natural stone because they are durable and can withstand water. Now that you know some information about different types of bathroom interior design, all you have to do is consider your home style and your taste to pick the right type for you.

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