Interior Design 4

The Different Types Of Curtains Accessories

Curtains add a splendid feeling to any room they also help a lot with creating the ambiance of the room , therefore adorning your curtains with matching accessories will increase the richness and the elegance that the curtains lend your room . We will give you a brief description for the types of curtains accessories that you can adorn your curtains with .

The first type of curtain accessories are Valances :- you can say that the Valances are an intelligent and elegant way to cover the curtain rod creatively and tastefully they look like a beautiful frame for the curtains , the correctly chosen valances will make your room look sophisticated and classy . Valances are used to cover specific flaws with the window itself whether its too small , too short , or sat on a wrong angle . Valances also used to add a creatively beautiful touch to some materials of curtains that are mainly plain and not found with enough patterns to suit the room theme like Sheer curtains , Valances can be used by itself as a window treatment if the amount of sunlight let in the room and privacy is not a big deal for you , when Valances used alone as window treatment they will make the room look airy and larger than it is .

The second type of curtains accessories that we will talk to you about is Tiebacks :- simple tassels with a lovely design that match up with the curtains and valances would add a small but remarkable touch to your curtains . Tiebacks are used to keep the curtains open in case of using two curtains on top of each other with the same valance , choose your curtains Tiebacks with interesting designs , material and colors that will match your curtain and add a beautiful touch to your room .

And our last type of curtains accessories is the Hardware Rods : Most Curtains Rods are designed with a highly decorative appeal , use wide fancy rings sewn to the top panel of your curtains to your Curtains Rods to add extra beauty and elegance to your curtains , don’t choose the type of curtain Rods that are made to be covered with the curtains as they won’t add much to the room more than just serving their functional purpose .