The Different Types and Designs of Ceramic Tiles

The ceramic tiles will perfectly blend with your modern or traditional styles because they come with different designs and colors. They can be installed to your walls and floor to give the place a stylish and luxurious look according to your choice.

You can find glazed and unglazed ceramic tiles to provide your home different shapes and colors. The glazed tiles are made of heatedclay and glazed to create new infinite colors to be more suitable to the walls and countertops.The unglazed, or quarry, tiles are durable, less slippery, and natural options that can be used indoors and outdoors.

You can stain such tiles or apply a seal or wax finish to protect the surface of your tiles from mold and mildew giving it a unique look. Such unglazed tiles are available with different colors such as red, brown, grey, and orange.

If you will use the ceramic tiles for the wall, you will use less durable tiles with lighter colors and semi-glassed to be protected from the water.The 3D ceramic tiles will be a great accent for your walls with its innovative and impressive textures. The floor tiles come with more durable materials and wider range of colors to blend perfectly with any home decor. You can find ceramic tiles that look like natural stones, vinyl or even natural wood to combine the durability and luxurious look in a single production.

The porcelain is a special type of ceramic tiles that have white, translucent and strong body. It is more durable and dense than ceramic tiles because it is fired with a higher temperature and for longer time than the ceramic tiles. Whatever the ceramic type or design you will use, be sure that you will use eco-friendly, stylish, and durable look and function to your home.