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Different Types of Wood for Kitchen Cabinets

The wooden kitchen quality depends directly on which material or wood resource you go for , the material of the wood and the design determine the price and the durability of your kitchen cabinets , so you want to consider thinking wisely what kind of material suits you the best .

In this article we will give you different facts about most of the wood materials that kitchen cabinets mainly made from and the distinctive advantages about each material so you can narrow your options range to which material will suit you the best .

Mahogany :- mahogany is known with its high durability even with hardly little maintenance mahogany can stand heavy activities which is like what take place in kitchen normally . mahogany is not found easy so it requires a bigger budget . mahogany is the premier type of wood considered by most of the furniture manufacturers . mahogany has beautiful straight reddish brown grains . keep in mind though before deciding to choose mahogany as your kitchen cabinet material that mahogany gets darker by time .

Pine wood:- is a very popular choice for many house owners for their kitchen cabinets pine cabinets stand out with their beautiful natural stains . pine is one of the most important resource of wood that is ideal for generating kitchen cabinets .

Oak :- Oak is the most used wood as it could be found easy everywhere . oak grows almost everywhere around the planet oak has a fantastic natural look of its own . in addition to its high durability . all these facts make oak one of the first options of wood types that’s qualified to make good quality affordable kitchen cabinets .

Maple and cherry woods:- maple wood is very suitable and highly suggested wood type for the people that want to stain their kitchen cabinets into any desired color and it will still preserve its beautiful natural wood grains .
Cherry wood is a highly demanded material by many house owners for their kitchen cabinets despite its considerably high price.

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