Dining Room – Decorating your Dining Room

Your formal dining room needs a few, but important, decorations to look clean, elegant, and attractive. You can decorate the room using the floor, colors, decorative columns, and a large mirror. This article will show you how to use these elements to decorate a marvelous dining room.

A large decorative or simple mirror in your dining room will spread the light and warmth into the whole room. The mirror should be placed in a suitable place to reflect the natural and artificial lights without causing eyestrain. You can place the mirror on the wall facing your dining table to be the focal point in the room without additional accessories.

The decorative floor tiles can change the entire look into your dining room. These tiles should go with the style, colors and patterns used into the room. The different colors of ceramic and marble can be used in the traditional dining rooms, but you can install small, octagonal, and sharp lined ceramic tiles for a modern look. The earthly colored broken flagstone tiles will create an earth-like floor. You can mimic the desert atmosphere using medium sized terracotta tiles with a stumped sun shape in the middle. You can create an amazing natural look using light blue or green granite floor with matching cobalt blue table, granite table top, blue chairs, and a silver vase or candles.

Another great formal way of decorating your dining room is a pair of decorative columns on each side of the entrance of your dining room. This way of decoration needs a large sized room to look royal and attractive. It can work with any style of decorations, because it can be white or decorated according to the patterns of every style. To unify your dining room, the columns should match the ceiling molding and the base of your dining area.