Discovering Kitchen Remodeling Ideas & Designs From Different Countries

The Kitchen is the room with all actions as we can use it not only for cooking but for the family gathering at meal time or for inviting close friends or reading a magazine, so creating a new kitchen or remodeling your old one depends upon its function for you so here we’ll display some types of kitchens from different countries as you can easily choose the suitable one upon requirements.

The first type here is the farmhouse kitchen which represents the warm & cozy feeling with its inviting appeal, it is too hard to enter a home having this kind of kitchen without taking a deep look to it or trying to stay for a little in this country life atmosphere which reflect a relaxing mood with the sun flowers by the window side & the greenery pieces & pots in each nook of the kitchen. Wood floors with rustic or wood panels having bold color is the main element for this type of kitchen with having colorful rugs or mats over it with different material like fabrics that absorb liquids near the kitchen entrance or gel ones for comfort during cooking & the rubber or plastic ones with slip free to prevent accidents (specially for children).

Tiling wall kitchen can be from ceramic as it is durable & water resistance or porcelain from natural stones or glazed one for easy maintenance or tumbled travertine with rustic stone all these are preferable than paints that can be damaged from heat , water & cooking splash. To ensure the feeling of old cottage atmosphere we can have wooden cabinets with white or wooden color & a center wooden table with chairs having patterned pillows cushions on them matching with the window curtains pattern. Adding old antique accessories like clocks, candle holders & stone pots will give a real impression to the country relaxing mood.

Spanish kitchen is featuring with spacing & bold atmosphere as its cabinets is tall with large drawers accessorized with copper items, paella pans & olive oil bottles having painted ceramic walls from blue, yellow & colors with natural wooden flooring. Finally the French kitchen is having a simple look with flower painted cabinets hanging rustic French chandelier & accessorized by sun flower towels, leaves & clock with roosters.