Dramatic Modern Touches You Can Steal from the Designs of Andrea Schumacher Interiors

To create a dramatic look in a certain room, you should choose bold, trendy, and popular designs. You can still use natural materials in addition to curvy and geometric shapes to enhance your dramatic style home. Let’s steal some of Andrea Schumacher’s ways to create a dramatic look in contemporary home designs.

The warm and inviting look of Winona house fascinates the visitors from the first glance. The designers make use of the considerably large space and create walnut furniture and matching tiles around the gas fireplace. In the living room, Andrea Schumacher’s team uses grey sofas, two small artistic coffee tables, a dark red oriental area rug with matching vases, and an artistic painting to provide the place a dramatic and homey feel.

The luxurious brown accent wall in the bedroom with two side bed lights emphasizes the dramatic and comforting look of the place.
In the Cherry Creek home, Andrea’s team provides the place a warm and dramatic look using fireplace mantel with marble herringbone pattern, white and black sofas, a dark grey rug, and grey walls. The team members refresh the look of the room using yellow lampshades on both the floor and scones in addition to floor to ceiling patterned curtains.

In Lohi private residence, the designers create a contemporary kitchen living space using neutral colors along with bold touches, such as white walls with patterned wallpaper, beige chairs with yellowish sides, and black drapes with yellow circles, yet the dark grey area rug can enhance the dramatic look of the place.

The cool and funky interior design of the Boulder Residence provides the place an amazing look. The designers use square panels of grass cloth wallpaper arranged perfectly to be the focal point of the place. Andrea Schumacher’s firm provides full architectural and interior design services inside and outside the United States.