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Dramatic Philadelphian Living Room and Garden by Leslie Hayes

The modern Philadelphian homes feature relaxing designs with little dramatic, artistic, and personal touches. If you will remodel your home for spring, such Philadelphian homes designed and remodeled by Leslie Hayes and her team will be your ideal inspiration.

The combination of old and new elements such as metallic accents innovative materials, and geometric shaped mirrors in the Philadelphian modern living spaces create sophisticated and dramatic interiors. Leslie Hayes and her interior design team members create such a unique combination in a main line residence using rustic doors and rugs with crisp white fabrics and clean lines in both of the indoor and outdoor living spaces.

Using warm and radiant colors such as old and stain brass along with neutral colors will provide your Philadelphian living room its unique personality. For example, Leslie and her team create an amazingly warm look in the living room of a Haverford home using golden curtains, lampshades, and tabletops with white and grey walls and accents.

Leslie uses colorful wallpaper innovatively such as the bar cart in the dining room of Bryn Mawr suburban carriage home and the powder room of the Villanova residence. The final addition to your Philadelphian living room decor can be displaying your paintings or works of art.

To create a Philadelphian outdoor living space, you have to use eclectic outdoor and indoor elements such as Chinese garden stools, a cocktail table, and upholstered chairs and combine such elements using colorful pillows. Leslie loves to incorporate an outdoor living space to any home design using a deck, a backyard, a front yard, or a balcony. You can surround such a seating area with scented flowers, climbing roses, or trim planters. During winter, you can bring such outdoor plants into your interior living space to create a warm and dramatic look in the place.