Dreamy Dressing Room Designs

Of all the rooms in your home, your dressing room is definitely one of the most important. We produce you some rules that might help you to make your dressing room functional, attractive and easy to use. Smart closet design will make life easier so consider adding clothing hampers and space for your dry cleaning to your closet design.

To make the most of your storage, use two hanging rods to allow space to hang shirts, jackets, pants and skirts. If the door of your reach-in closet is a swinging door, then you can use the back of the door as a place for a hanging hamper, tie rack or jewelry organizer.

Keep in mind that a small walk-in closet should be at least 6-by-6 feet. To keep your shoes tidy, then you should incorporate racks or bins in your closet. To invest your time properly, try to label baskets, bins and drawers as you can use a label maker or simply make your own from sticker labels purchased from the office supply store. This step will facilitate access to your stuff.

When designing your closet, leave ample area around light fixtures to prevent fire hazards. You can design your closet without doors as doors take up valuable space and opting so try to use pocket doors or a decorative curtain. When it comes to decorating your dressing room, then you should consider the room’s function first.

Lightning plays a vital role in your closet designs. If you want a clear lighting in your closet, then you should add multiple lights. Keep in mind that using a chandelier is almost a must to get a dreamy dressing room. To give each side in your closet a special glow, then you need to use track lighting underneath the shelves of the closet helps. If you are looking for lighting that is more pleasing to the eye, then nothing can beat using natural soft bulbs over fluorescents.

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