Dreamy Eco-Friendly House Designs among Natural Views by Johnston Design Group

Do you adore the natural views and dream with a retreat home on the cliff of a mountain? Your dreams are about to come true with Johnson design group, as they are specialized in custom interior and exterior home designs. For example, the group designed Mountain Oak house and Lane on a cliff valley with completely natural materials and eco-friendly features. The external part of the home is made of natural stone in addition to alum clad and timber to blend with the stunning natural surroundings. The home has several windows with motorized openings and geothermal HVAC to adjust the temperature and ventilation inside the home.

In the Big Creek, Johnston Design Group created a natural piece of art that features a Monterey taupe lap siding with timber-bark vertical siding to blends with the outdoor marvelous views. If you will design a similar house, you will be surprised by the sleek and elegant interior design.

The high ceiling with elegant wooden doors, natural stone walls, and luxuries chandeliers with the outdoor views create a breathtaking look. In the kitchen, the designer creates an attractive look using a natural stone countertop with clear stained maple cabinets. The stone fireplace is made of brown flagstone in the medium body height to provide the place unique warmth.

As an eco-friendly, you will certainly love the design of the Upstate Forever at Greenville, as it uses solar power and promotes the environmental stewardship. The interior design of the house has simple, yet elegant details, wooden floor, and large windows. The Southern Living Cottage features wooden furniture and wall accents and marble surfaces in cream and grey colors to reveal the hidden beauty of the cottage style. The home depends on the solar power to enhance the eco-friendly look of the place.

Johnson Design Group designs include kitchen and bathroom designs, electric and light designs, interior and exterior colors, custom art, custom framing, and faux painting. The company is located in Greenville, SC and its team consists of eleven members who cooperate to produce accurate, professional, and eco-friendly residential designs and economical workshops.