8 Dual-Purpose Fish Tank Design Ideas

The functional and decorative dual-purpose become popular in different parts of our homes. You can find a fish tank incorporated to your island, office desk, coffee table, or even headboard. This article will provide you a few options of such multi-functional aquariums.

The aquarium bathroom sink will turn your place to an electric piece of art as it will include colorful grass, real fish, a lighting system, a filtration system,and circular access holes to feed your fish, in addition to a round curve at the top to resemble the elegant sinks.The TV like fish tank will bring luxury and serenity to your living room with its amazing colors and natural look with an outer shape of a TV. The island fish tank will certainly match your kitchen size giving it an incredible look and attracting your guests’ attention; especially if you love to collect the unique colorful fish.

The interactive digital fish tank is operated with a creative technology to show impressive marine life artworks that include clownfish and whale sharks with only one touch of your finger. The scenes displayed on this tank look realistic, but actually the tank is empty. The fish tank office desk and coffee table will let you spend amusing times in your office and living room using their splendid visual artwork. The underneath tank comes with its filter and decorative plantsin addition to the sturdy glass container to beautify your space.

You can combine different natural looks in the self-watered planter fish tank that transfer the unused water from the tank to the plants above. You can recycle the cover of your computer and begin a project to construct your own fish tank. All of what you need is a suitable sized tank or glass container, fishy accessories, and real fish in addition to a white or colorful lighting fixture and a filter to keep the water clean. The computer cover will give your tank a unique and personal look.