The Most Durable Countertops Are Here


Granite countertops is the most common option you can have for your kitchen countertop, they are made from a very thick and durable material. If you chose a granite countertop, you will add a natural and shiny look to your kitchen. Granite countertops have many advantages like, heat-resistance and easy to clean. The best way to maintain your granite countertop is to seal it yearly and you will have a shield in your kitchen against all stains and bacteria.
Moving to the solid-surface countertops, they are made from durable acrylics material. They come with variety of styles to fit your home design whether contemporary or traditional. Solid-surface countertop has many advantages like, it’s easy to integrate a sink in it, and it’s very easy to clean and maintain. These countertops aren’t high heat resistant and they can be scratches but you can remove theses scratches with careful sanding.
Laminate countertops are such an affordable option; they have a plastic surface and tough practical board core. They are very durable and come with variety of colors and patterns. Despite its strength, it’s not a heat resistant, easy to be scratched and hard to repair. Laminate countertops prices are very reasonable, so it would be the perfect choice if you don’t have a big budget.
You can also think about the stylish glass countertop, don’t let the name trick you, these countertops are very durable and strong. They are made from glass pieces held together with a cement binder. They are heat resistant and easy to clean and maintain. You can’t find two similar designs in glass countertops so, if you want to have a one of the kind countertop, this is the one for you. You just need to consider two things if you will get a glass countertop, set a good budget and make sure not to create any stress point when you install it, because it may crack.
Are you looking for practical use and shiny look? Well you should go for the stainless steal countertops. For sure we are familiar with this material and we now how durable it is, but that isn’t not the only advantage that stainless steal countertop provide, they also stand up against any stains or bacteria and very easy to maintain. Theses countertops fit more with the contemporary designs especially if you have silver kitchen appliances. The only thing that may make you worried is the price; stainless steal countertops prices are fairly expensive.