Durable and Decorative Tiles for Bathrooms

Bathroom’s floor needs more consideration than any other floor at your home because it is exposed to constant water flow. This means that it can easily generate insects and bacteria in any small crack. In addition, it is a place where you can easily slip. So, you will need to give more attention to the selection and installation of your bathroom tile.

The round tiles are suitable for your bathroom because they are easy to clean and have many designs and patterns. You can choose the white and black round tiles embroidered by dots, flowers, or any pattern according to your home and bathroom design. The round tiles could be made of porcelain or ceramic materials.

However, the ideal material to be used to your bathroom’s floor is the natural stone. It is durable, easy to install and maintain and has the ability to stand heavy loads. In addition, you could use the strong chemicals to clear the stone floor and this will not affect its color or texture. For the walls and ceiling, the natural marble or granite will be perfect because they will match the natural floor, besides they have tremendous decorative shapes and easy to maintain and clean with plain water.

To choose a perfect color for your bathroom, you should have a general theme that will match your color. If you have a natural theme, you may love the dark leafy hues or kiwi-green with light green paint like the Victorian style. The combination of two matching colors is popular in the modern styles. You can use white and black with colorful textures or white and rose. The icy white tiles in the ceiling are perfect to fit any color painted on the wall. If you want a full natural look, you may use the slate tiles with few silver accessories. This way, your bathroom will be fully protected and decorated.

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