4 Easy DIY Ideas for Making Tuscan Window Treatment

Tuscan style is the most accurate definition for simple elegance. There are no expensive materials or lavish extravagant designs that deplete natural resources and burn a hole or more in your pocket. There are just simple beautiful pieces and accessories, most of which you can make yourself. Window treatment is one example as we will see in these lines:

1- First example we have is curtains embroidered with Renaissance cutwork. This cutwork is done entirely – including the little bars that bridge the cut-out gaps in the fabric – in buttonhole stitch. Even are covered with buttonhole stitches. This type of stitch is intricate and takes a good while, but the results are well worth it.

2- Another fine example for a Tuscan style window treatment is simple crochet pictures. To make them you need two types of stitches: the basic chainstitch and the plain treble. These are very simple crochet stitches for beginners so they wont take much time, and the result is magnificent.

3-Adding lace is a good and easy DIY window treatment trick. Lace borders are a must if you are thinking of Tuscan window treatment. Buy a ready made lace and sew it with a sewing machine to the borders of the curtains. The amount of work – and stitching – you are going to make depends on the complexity of the design.

4- Inserting lacy batches in the curtains is another type of Tuscan style window treatment. It requires more sewing and cutting, but it is a DIY project nonetheless. This type of work is more suited for tailoring rather than crochet professionals. You need to cut the fabric in the middle then Sew the lacy embroidered batch in the middle. You now have a curtain with elegant lace decoration in the middle.