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Easy ways to create a vintage-style living room

Creating a vintage style living room can turn your living room into an aesthetic oasis. Here are 14 easy ways to create a vintage-style living room:

1. To infuse a feeling of vintage, use neutral colors for the wall of your living room.

2. To spark up your vintage- style living room, paint the walls in burgundy, steel or power blue, or maize yellow.

3. To enhance the look of your vintage- style living room, then you need to cover the walls with wallpaper that features a pattern, such as toile, small flowers or a gingham print.

4. Furnish the space with antique furnishings or new furnishings.

5. The ideal seating for your vintage-style living room is using a formal settee that features rolled arms and floral or solid-colored upholstery. Display velvet throw pillows with tassels on the settee.

6. Adding a vintage-style coffee table to your living room is a great addition.

7. To doll up your vintage room, utilize a sideboard table and a hutch made of dark wood with curved legs and delicate carvings for storage.

8. For a fantastic vintage- style living room look, place the television behind the doors of an antique wardrobe.

9. To add a character to your vintage living room, then you should add vintage-style fabrics.

10. To spice up your vintage living room, then you should cover the windows with floor-to-ceiling velvet drapes in a solid color that blends with the color of the walls. You can also opt for curtains that feature a vintage pattern instead of using floor-to-ceiling velvet drapes.

11. Don’t forget to cover the floor with a real or replica antiqued-Persian area rug.

12. To create a romantic ambiance, hang a vintage chandelier from the ceiling in the middle of the room and hang vintage sconces on the walls.

13. If you want to create a romantic felling in your living room, opt for bulbs that resemble candles.

14. Finally, adding some flowers around the room will surely bring nature to you.

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