Effective Strategies to Install Interior Decorative Lighting by My House Design Team

Your interior lighting options range between the ambient, task, and accent lights in addition to the natural light during the day. Whether you will install such decorative lighting options in your new or existing home, they will make a considerable difference in the look of the place.

The placement of your decorative lighting bulbs is as important as the type and colors of such bulbs. For example, Linda of My House Design team creates a depth in living rooms using blue LED and Xenon hidden lights throughout the tray ceiling, wall niches, and alongside the accent wall to wash the place with their eye-catching look.

The track light, spotlight, recessed lights, and scones installed to the ceiling are still up-to-date options in the contemporary home décor; just make sure that your lighting fixtures reflect your home style perfectly.

In a West Vancouver contemporary home, Linda and her team install layers of overhead chandeliers and lamps in addition to the spotlights along the ceiling of the functional areas to wash the place with its clean look every night. Whenever the sun rises, the large windows and glass doors turn the place quickly to a natural oasis. If you have a room without natural light sources, the sun tunnel skylights or solar tubes will be your perfect options.

In your bedroom, the colorful or warm ambient or indirect light will enhance the dramatic and relaxing look of the place. Linda loves to light the lower part of bedrooms, install wall washers, or use lighting fixtures with diffusers to enhance the romantic feel of the place. In your living room, you can create such a dramatic look using floor or pendant lamps or even lanterns to bring the beauty of east directly to the place. Here are a few inspirational interior décor projects by My Design team to help you enhance your home’s lighting system.