Effective Ways to Decorate your Cabinets with Light Inspired from the Projects of Busby Cabinets

Your home cabinets are ideal to organize several elements and remove the clutter of your home. Many people try to draw the eye away from such cabinets considering them just functional spaces, but you can use certain lighting techniques to use such cabinets as the focal points of your home.

Using white or colorful LED lights, you can provide your kitchen cabinets, bathroom cabinetry, sideboards, and closets an aesthetic look. The popular way to decorate such cabinets is to install under cabinet lights, as they will create a dramatic look in the place.

To create this look, you can install fluorescent strips, LED strips, puck lights, LED ropes, or small bulbs according to the style of the kitchen and the size of the cabinets. The green under cabinet LED strips in Gainesville create a stylish look in such a bathroom.

The spotlights in the ceiling create a special effect in your kitchen, especially if you can install them above the floor-to-ceiling cabinets. You can hide such spotlights behind crown molding or suspended ceiling to provide the place an interesting look. If you have a space above the cabinets, it will be a great idea to install LED or florescent hidden strips along two facing walls. The colorful hidden LED lights in the suspended ceiling along with the suitable pendant lights will create a stylish look in your home.

The glass shelves inside your cabinets will let you install bulbs inside such cabinets and display your items in a decorative way. If your cabinets are near the window, try to open the curtains and roman shades most of the day to create a fresh look in the place. These are a few decorative ways inspired by the works of Busby Cabinet team members, yet you can use the way that will reflect your personality and match your home.