New elegant 2021 studios ideas to please every homeowner

Do you purchase a tiny space “studio” because you don’t have enough money to have a larger apartment? Do you feel that you can’t be comfortable with this tiny space? let me prove that you are completely wrong you can live happily and cozily in a studio but you need only to follow these great 2021 ideas in decorating your studio!

Let’s begin this interesting task; first of all, bring brightness and airy feel inside your own studio by color. Add one color to paint your walls but this doesn’t mean that your studio look has to be dull, of course not; you can use another brush of color in accents and on one wall only.

The white color is a good color to paint your studio which is bright and adds happiness as well. all the colors go well with white so you can reflect your personality with colors.Then, think vertical, i.e., use every inch of the wall you think it will be useful as you can; you can use shelves to hang your books, items, and other stuff.

It is a good practical way to store your items and it is decorative as well. Use mounting baskets vertically along one wall in any room you want as extra storage, while in your bedroom you can install series of beautiful hooks for hanging clothing and accessories.

The next step for 2021 stylish studios decorating is to use dual purpose furniture which will use the space effectively like an ottoman that can be used in different ways besides being a storage space or getting a platform bed with built in drawers to keep your items organized.

Sleeper sofas are also a great addition if you want to welcome your guest properly which used as normal sofas and have a great benefit of being transformed into extra beds.

Finally, you need to brighten up the whole look by adding lights and accessories, floor lights are ideal for brightening up your space with the normal ceiling chandelier. Then accessories like mirrors add spacious view and larger look, rugs, curtains with light shades of colors are perfect. Remember also to divide your space wisely by curtains or folding doors.