Elegant and Functional Basement

Turning your basement from a dump and dark room to an elegant and functional room needs some money, personal effort, and regular cleaning and organization. This way, you will be able to add a valuable room that will give additional space to your home.

The main problem that will face you when you decide to remodel your basement is the dump that may cause mold and mildew. You can overcome this problem by installing a drainage waterproofing system that will enable you to get rid of the moisture and radon gas if they are found in your basement. Then, try to repair the cracks and leaks of the ceiling and walls. Then, you will need to keep the new room clean and organized all the time, using modern elegant and comfortable furniture to feel as if you are into your old room.

After this stage, try to decorate your basement to create a comfortable room. You may need a heating system to be used in the winter because your basement is under the ground; so, it will be cold. Try to change the tiles of your basement to match the theme of your home. This way you will feel the warmth of your home. You can apply tiles to the walls to ensure that there will not be any mildew in the future. Then, try to add interesting means to keep your family members enjoyed in this room. You can add a CD to watch your favorite movies and programs, or you may add a ping pong table to entertain your kids and add a new life into the room.

Your basement will be extremely functional after these preparations. It can serve as guests’ bedroom, a play room for your kids, a living room, a home theater, a bathroom, a gym, your home office, your teenager private room, a family room, or a spare bedroom with an attached bathroom.