Elegant Furniture Themes

The Italian Tuscan theme is named after Tuscan region in Italy; most of its furniture is commonly made from wooden material like, fir, cypress and chestnut with a little touch of leather, iron and metal. Tuscan furniture theme is known for its folk pieces which are mixed with classic veneer and hand printed items that give it a very classy look. However this theme appeared long time ago, some people still use it to design specific rooms in their house and some other use it as the general theme of their houses.

Another theme is, The English Victorian theme which is named after Queen Victoria, this theme reflects most of the moral, social and art changes that happened back then. The Victorian furniture was very stuffy at the time. The dark wooden materials like, the dark mahogany were the favorite choice at the time. The sizes of the furniture pieces like, cabinets, tables and bed were large and durable. If you are searching for elegant and classy accessories, the Victorian furniture would be the best choice.

The Danish furniture theme is also known as Scandinavian theme; it appeared after the world war two. As a result of the materials shortage which they had back then, they depend on oak, clay, and linen as their basic materials. The most significant features of the Danish furniture theme are the sharpness, clean lines, and the small sizes. These features came as a result of the war circumstances that people went through at that time. The Danish theme is more like the current modern designs, so if you are looking for a classy modern design, go for the Danish furniture.

The shakers furniture theme was first appeared in England. The most used material is wood, especially the maple wooden material. Simplicity is what distinguishes this theme the most. The Shaker side chairs, rocking chairs, cabinets and cupboards are the basic furniture pieces of this theme. We still use these chairs till the day and the idea of the current modern rocking chairs were inspired from the Shaker theme.

The most remarkable feature that distinguishes decor art is its constant change. It has a very long history, in this article I indicated some old elegant furniture themes, that inspired the nowadays designs. It will be such an elegant touch, if you use or at least add any piece of these furniture themes to your house design as an antique piece.

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