Elegant Interior Design by Marie

Whenever design is sought, elegance is sought. When getting interior design from Marie, you don’t only receive elegance but also the advantage of prices that match your capabilities and have eco-friendly furniture. Marie is professionally specialized in interior design with B.A. Interior Design (Cum Laude), Washington State University. Marie is a Certified Interior Designer in the State of California, a professional member of the American Society of American Designers, and president of the ASID California Peninsula Chapter (2009-10). She is also a GREEN accredited professional with expertise in sustainable home furnishings.

Since we spend most of our time in the living room, we need this time to be as cheerful and comforting as possible. This elegant living room interior design has all aspects of brightening up your day. The focal point of this living room is the wall with the fireplace, the entertainment set and the joy inducing yellow painting. The room is lit elegantly with the window wall which reveals the mesmerizing natural view outside. Covering these windows with motorized solar shades not only increase the energy efficiency but provide the room with an elegant futuristic look.

A dining set must create an inviting environment for us to celebrate and enjoy meals with family and friends. The elegant interior design of this dining room absolutely brings this dining cheerfulness in the room. The use of light colors all over the room is enough to be cheerful. Elegant dining chairs in white shades like these are rarely seen because eating means staining accidents; but since these beautiful chairs are made of leather they are not only cleanable but also look very chic. Color integration of this dining room is noticed in the festive carpet below the table.

Although the interior design of bathrooms is a very important aspect for an elegant home, it is often neglected. This elegant bathroom on the other hand was the opposite of being neglected. Over here we see that common bathroom tiles on the floor and walls is the part that is ignored and replaced with elegantly painted wall and wood flooring. The character of this bathroom design can be seen everywhere from the stained glass to the floral picture above the toilet to the unique bathroom vanity.

The elegance of this dining room results from the extraordinary match of custom made elements. The modern dining set with the attractive luster from the metallic seats and the glass table surface are placed on this unique carpet that gives flooring a different meaning. Matching uniqueness can be witnessed in the design of the 3-dimensional glass, diachronic, and architectural glass in the cabinet. The dining set is elegantly lit by the colorful pendant right above the table.

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