Elegant Living Room Design Ideas

Designing your own living room will reflect your high taste and creative imagination. You will need to spend a considerable amount of money to increase the functionality and beauty of such an important room. Your design should include the furniture, the lighting, painting the walls, and setting a focal point in your living room.

To design a modern living room, try to use the industrial materials such as plywood, acrylic, plastic, wrought iron, aluminum, fiberglass, and leather materials instead of the natural wood. Try to find a unique elegant sofa covered with leather, because it will be the base of your living room. It will be nice if you can get a table with the same design and color of your sofa to complement the final look of the place.

You have many options such as the regular sofa, the sectional sofa, or the sofa bed. You can add a touch of classic design to your modern room to incorporate the elegant with the charming look. This would be achieved by getting a Barcelona or Eames chair.

The fireplace and the indoor fountain will be great functional and decorative items in your living room. The fireplace could be made of clay, copper, or cast iron to serve as the focal point in the room at the winter days. The indoor fountain could be made of resign, ceramic, or natural slate finish to give you, your family, and yiur guests the utmost feeling of relief and serenity. It could be a good topic to begin your conversation or a focal point at summer.

Painting your room should match the colors and patterns of your furniture items, or you may paint it white to go with any design. The ceiling may have a crown molding painted with the color of decoration items in the room. It is used to deceive the eye of having a high ceiling.

You can, elegantly, place an area rug on the floor to add depth to the room. The adequate light will give your living room its magic. Try to let the natural light get into the room at the day, and use the decorative and illuminating artificial light at night.


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