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Elegant and Luxurious French Kitchen Design Ideas

The luxurious look and high quality materials of your French kitchen will worth every penny you will pay for such a project. All of what you need for such a project is to define the available space in your kitchen and to be ready to pay extra money if necessary to keep the luxurious look of the place.

The elegant French open kitchen may have different designs according to the size of your kitchen. You can choose the U or L shaped kitchen with or without a kitchen island at the middle. Such a kitchen should have a sufficient storage space and you will have the choice to design open or closed cabinets. If you can’t achieve the open design in your French kitchen, you should open a large window or several windows to give the place an airy and comfortable look.

You can add a charming and luxurious feel to your kitchen using oak, cherry, or maple wood for your kitchen furniture. Such furniture can be painted white or the color that will match your kitchen or kept with its original look to give the place an old touch. The wall-incorporated stainless steel or colorful appliances will create a sense of balance in your kitchen giving it a clean and luxurious look. Try to incorporate a green element to your French kitchen placing a pot of green plants on the ground or a small one at the middle of your island.

The floor and countertops of your elegant French kitchen can be made of high quality and gloss natural materials such as natural stones or polished hardwood. If you have light furniture, you can choose
Dark countertop and light floor or dark countertop and floor if you have a light colored island. You will need to choose timeless colors to keep the luxurious look of your kitchen for long years.