Interior Design 4

Elegant Minimalist Modern Living Room Decorating Ideas

The minimalist modern design will bring freshness, brightness, and elegance to your living room. The main rule of the minimalist decoration is” less is more”; so, you will need to reduce the furniture, accessories, and colors to give the room a clean and elegant look.

Decorating your modern minimalist living room using classy colors such as white with black and grey will give the place a balanced and calming look. However, if you need to add a new life to the room, you can use accessories with bold colors such as orange, green, and red. To create a sense of balance in the room, you can paint your walls plain white with light wooden floor covered with a geometrical shaped area rug and place black and red seating area at the middle of the room. If you need a darker look, you can paint the wall grey and purchase white furniture.

It will be wonderful if you can decorate your minimalist modern living room using the theme of nature to give you a clear and pure energy. To achieve this theme, you can decorate the room with a tall glass vase of fresh green plants and modern fireplace incorporated to the wall. If you have an outdoor garden or any spectacular scene at the side of your living room, you can install a floor to ceiling glass window. Such a window can be covered with a white curtain to increase the spacious look of the place.

You may not use any accessories in your minimalist modern living room because the green plants will be enough, but you can give the room a personal look placing a framed picture on the wall or a few medals to your championships on a small storage cabinet. This way, your minimalist modern living room will look elegant from the first glance.