Elegant outdoor wicker furniture

Wicker is a combination of natural, durable, safe, sturdy, light weighted and attractive materials woven together to result in a functional and aesthetic furniture. Wicker is deal for the outdoor furniture because it can resist both of cold and hot weather conditions in addition to the ultra violet rays and mildew. That’s why it is considered as the best solution to ornate your outdoor garden or patio.

The main criterion that you always consider when choosing a piece of furniture are your budget and requirements. Wicker furnitureitems are found in different colors, patterns, types, and functions with reasonable prices. You can find a set of table and chairs for your restful privacy or a grouping of sofa, armchairs, dining tables, coffee tables, and accessories for your amusing outdoor parties attended by your friends. If you are eco-friendly, you may choose Ecolene, Rehau, or Viro because they are non-toxic and recyclable.

For an elegant look, you need to choose definite theme and color for your garden. Wicker will go with your theme by its different patterns such as strips, polka dots, and flowers in addition to its colors such as pastel blue, turquoise, green, and yellow. If you couldn’t find your favorite color, you may paint your furniture items to have a new and matching look. You may use cushions with different colors to boost your theme.

To preserve your furniture items clean and sturdy for a longtime, you will need to dust them regularly and wash them once every season using a mild soup. You can make this soup by adding some dishwashing detergent to warm water. After washing your wicker furniture and letting them to dry, you can paint a layer of clear varnish to avoid any cracking or breaking. When the elegant wicker is not in use, gather them into groups and cover them with a piece of painter’s drop cloth to avoid the direct sun rays and water.



Outdoor Design: Choosing Elegant Patio Furniture