Enjoy the Beauty of Outdoor Living by Michael Nash Designs

If you haven’t an outdoor living, you will miss too much of life pleasure and family intuitive happiness. If you have an American style home with an outdoor garden, it will be a great idea to add a sunroom, a screened porch, a large deck with a grill area, a complete outdoor kitchen, or even a pergola to practice a part of your daily life in the fresh air and amongst the green plants.

Your outdoor living space can be an extension to your interior design especially if you will use indoor furniture in the deck or sunroom.

In a Clifton VA house, Michael and his team create multiple outdoor spaces including an outdoor screened in porch with a farmhouse gas fireplace covered with field stone, upholstered rattan chairs, and porcelain floor. In the outdoor second floor, Michael installs a deck for grilling, cooking, and entertaining with the owners’ family members.

If you already have a suitable sized backyard, you can create an amazing seating area over-viewing the panoramic look of the near parkland or beach. Michael Nash creates such a breathtaking look in a Chantilly, Virginia backyard constructing a double staircase and a small one to help the adults and kids move easily between the deck- with its outdoor furniture- and patio- with its modern sectional sofa and rattan breakfast chairs.

If you haven’t enough space to create a deck or patio, you can simply place a couple of chairs at the front yard near your garden or even install large windows to your living room and bring the outdoors into the place. Just gather your family members and enjoy the view of sunset over your lovely garden. If you don’t like the direct sunlight, enjoy the calming look from your sunroom or living room with large windows.