Enjoy a Healthy Life in your Kitchen Balcony

Do you want to enjoy a healthy life? Designing a kitchen garden balcony will provide you with fresh food that can ensure a healthy life for you. In this article, you will find some steps that might help you to enjoy a healthy life in your kitchen.

How about growing fruits along with vegetables in your kitchen balcony? What a fantastic feeling. There are numerous types of fruits and vegetables that you can grow in hanging baskets or other pots and tubs in your kitchen balcony.

Likewise, you can grow miniature cherry, tomatoes, strawberries, dwarf courgettes or miniature aubergines. Growing vegetables in your balcony is an interesting and fun task. If you love potatoes, then try to grow potatoes in a barrel in your kitchen balcony.

You can also grow stump-rooted carrots or short-growing peas and broad beans by using grow bags in your kitchen balcony. If you want to give your kitchen balcony an inviting look, then you need to hide the grow bags behind a brick faced frame or a timber.

If you are looking for something to drain water properly without flooding or ruining the balcony, then you should opt for trays and troughs that are especially designed for draining water properly. To enhance the overall look of your kitchen balcony, try to plant a citrus tree.

Although the small pots and tubs are easy to lift and can be shifted indoor in cold conditions, they are also best for sunny balconies. The best fruits that will not take so much space when growing are apples and pears.

Finally, if your balcony exposes to hot sunny conditions, then you can grow apricot trees, peach and nectarine with branches trained into fan shapes. Keep in mind; if your balcony exposes to cold condition, then you should use the sacking to protect the fruits and bushes. In case you liked reading this article, you will surely adore taking a look at the following photos about enjoy a healthy life in your kitchen balcony.

Pics Via : seanstanfield