Entertain Your Family Members and Visitors with Eye-catching Wall Decorative Elements by Rebecca Mitchell

As a part of your home décor, the wall cover options should reflect your lifestyle, personality, the style and theme of the place, the usual temperature outside, and the amount of natural and faux light used in different parts of your home. Rebecca Mitchell and her team will inspire you with their interesting and innovative use of wall coverings.

The simplest way to cover a wall is to paint it a neutral or personal color. However, there are complicated ways to cover this wall and decorate the whole place like installing scratch wallpapers, light-emitting wall covers, or interacting walls.

It will be a great idea to apply a piece of dazzling wallpaper to combine the colors, patterns, and textures used along your home. Rebecca Mitchell creates a versatile look in a Hudson residence painting the walls custom sparkling stencils to enhance the artistic look of the place.

You will easily create a luxurious look in your living room using decorative wall fabrics, plasters, stone, or even wallpaper with digital photo prints or brick, wood, or concrete-like patterns.

You can go back to nature and combine your interior with the outdoor views using grass-cloth, crocodile skin, or hand braided hemp wall coverings with their fresh colors and natural fibers. For a girly fresh look, Mitchell uses horizontal installed Marimekko wall murals with a combination of patterns to create a lively feel in the place.

You can help your dining room breathe a new life incorporating wallpaper or tiles with innovative textures. Mitchell recommends non-traditional wall covering options such as metal trapezoid, glass bead, leather looking stitched puzzle, or ultra-thin patterned wood veneer panels. Let’s brows the projects of Rebecca Mitchel to define what your walls need.