Entertainment center in modern living room

When we speak about interior design of living room , directly the first thing jump to our mind is the living room is a place of rest and spending a nice time with family .And may be extend further than that to be a place of family entertainment . The interior designers realize this point carefully and create new ideas to satisfy this need . We bring you some of these ideas that can help you to enjoy your time and get rid of workday discomforts .

One of this ideas is making TV a focal point against a long wall in the room and to enjoy with comfortable watch you can put large L-shape sofa and armchair in the opposite side . The television can be hanged on the wall in a simple way or put inside a bookcase with two shelves on both sides where you can put books or antiques to enrich the view , it return to your desire .

For the people who want to spend a romantic time with their lovers and enjoy with warmness in front of fireplace they can have a small budded sofa fit for two persons .

If you are one of the people who like reading and wants to have comfortable seat , designers create recliners for that purpose and you can put them near the window with small coffee table to enjoy with a cup of coffee in the evening too .

For kids you can allocate corner in the living room for their playing and add small cabinet for their toes in order to keep clean tidy appearance of the room .

Have a glance at the images beneath to get more ideas about this mesmerizing decoration.