Essentials of Living Room Interior Designs

Interior design for living room requires some essential elements such as:

1. Seating:

Upholstered furniture with fabric or leather is the most comfortable, but mixing in some wooden arm chair or a rocking chair will create a more selective room design.

Seating can include:


• Loveseat, chaise lounge, settee and chair

• Armchairs

• Ottomans and benches

2. Tables:

The table surface is important for drinks, books, magazines, remotes, etc. Also, table could be a foundation for lamps and accessories. There are common types of tables such as:

• Coffee table or ottoman with a tray.

• Side tables or end tables.

• Consoles or sofa tables.

3. Lighting:

There are two essential types of lighting:

• Task lamps with strong illumination.

• General room lighting (this should be adjustable so that you can move from soft low-level to brighter one).

4. Window Treatments:

• Keep them within the style of your living room furniture.

• Depend on the ornamental and essential needs of your living room.

• Hard window treatments include blinds, wooden windows, screens and specialty glass applications.

• Soft window treatments involve the use of fabric in draperies, curtains and valances.

5. Color and Texture:

Add color and texture to your interior design with:

• Wall treatments (paint, wallpaper, faux finishes).

• Fabric on your furniture or cushions.

• Floor and rugs.

• Accessories and artwork.

• Window treatments.

The focal points

• Fireplaces:

If you have a fireplace, set your sofa or largest furniture piece in front of the fireplace.

• Entertainment Centers:

Most living room designs are comfortable for family members to gather and watch television. There are some choices for supporting the television range such as wall units with bookcases attached.

• Views of Nature:

The living room requires a large open window to allow the outdoor view.