European Bathroom Design – European design

Europe is prominent for producing the latest stylish trends for all sorts of designs. Seekers of elegant style choose European design even in their bathrooms. You might regard bathrooms as places of utility where design is irrelevant but as other rooms any residences, bathroom design need to be carefully thought of prior to implementation. If you are interested to know more about European bathroom design, continue reading…

The first thing that distinguishes the design of European bathrooms is that the toilet room is usually separate from the bathroom. This helps to maintain hygiene and also allows someone to use the bathroom while another is using the toilet without waiting for one another. Bathroom furniture in European design can be odd to several persons. For instance, the bidet is very common in European bathrooms while it is unseen in most American bathrooms.

Another European touch for your bathroom design is the frameless bathroom shower door. Along with it, increase the aesthetic value by a shower nozzle that is stuck into the wall and a floor drain. This kind of shower is not just appreciated for its looks but is also valued for the ease of its maintenance and its safety. The shower head along with other European bathroom fixtures such as toilet handle and faucets are commonly finished in brushed chrome.

The coldness of the European environment made the Europeans think of ways to reserve heat in the bathrooms. On cold days, fluffy towels are seen along with towel warmers. A more efficient way to heat such a bathroom design is by placing a warming system under the bathroom tiling.

After having sufficient information about European bathroom design, you may now look for pictures of European bathrooms online and in magazines. Then you can submit a sketch of how you want the bathroom to look like for an interior designer to help in the execution of your ideas.

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