European Styles that will Look Great in your Ted new Renovated Kitchen

Improving your household is a great idea especially if you improved your kitchen it will increase the quality of your family living and if you want to sale your house it will increase its value. Remodel your kitchen with a design from the European style. Now I will tell you some tips about how to use the European style in your kitchen this will help you enjoy the process.

Remodeling your kitchen in European style has a wide range of choices to choose your style like English, classic revival, Greek, Beaux, Italian, Romantic French, Danish Modern, Tuscan Provencal and Scandinavian. Make sure that your new style for the kitchen goes will the style of the rest of the house. If you want to have the Euro touch concentrate on having w welcoming feeling and an architecture that can show the integrity of the style.

Choose some cabinets that go well with your European style. The cabinets in your kitchen are the most dominant part of it so make sure you choose in a correct way. Now I will explain some designs that are inspired from the European style and how to reach that look with no professional help.

Tuscan style : Tuscan kitchens give a rustic touch. You can use the beaches colors and the countryside vistas lush. You can choose from the previously mentioned colors like rusty deep red, terra cotta, oranges, yellow umber, and shades of green, peach and pink. You can hang some of the Tuscan art on your kitchen walls like beautiful authentic photographic prints, colorful tiles as a mural or a backsplash. You can have your cabinets and furniture unpainted and keep the wood color, or you can paint them choose a color from white, cream, vanilla, dark blue and green.

Modern Euro style: It’s inspired from Italian fashion. Cabinets in this style are horizontal grain and have no frames. The finishing ranges from cherry satin to rich honey using metal hardware and glass door selection. Refined versatility is what you are looking for in this style which you can get by cabinets from the shaker style. The most popular colors in this style are plain colors like gray or black. In this style sustainability is in plumbing fixtures and lighting in addition to the material of renovation.

French country style: This style is about practicality and comfort so it is a very public style. Cabinets with white finishing and natural dark stain that is weathered or distressed are used in this style. Also use glass doors and ornate moldings to finish the look. Use bricks, terra cotta tiles, thick wooden furniture, and natural stones will add a texture to the style. Those were some information about the most popular European styles that you can use to renovate your kitchen.

Pics Via : bhg,theenchantedhome