The Expected Interior Design Trends for 2021 by Ownby Design Team

The openness to nature and dependence on neutral colors and less simple furniture will certainly affect most of the interior decor in 2021, yet you will be able to add your favorite romantic or energetic colors and textures to keep your home trendy for long years. Ownby team members will guide you to the effective ways to keep your home trendy and interesting for 2021.

The neutral colored walls and floor will keep their advanced ranks in 2021, as they are perfect backgrounds to reveal your personality and create your intended mood. However, Ownby team members recommend installing rose quartz curtains, soft furnishings, or furniture upholstery to create a surprising and versatile touch in your modern home.

The dark coral and lime green with metallic accents will provide your traditional home a fantastic personality. You will be able to combine the rustic natural stone accents with geometric shaped architectural details to achieve your inner serenity and intuitive love to hunt fashionable trends.

In addition to natural and faux leather, the colorful and weaving Guatemalan textiles along with contemporary fabrics can be a perfect inspiration to your home decor, as you can place different colored throw pillows with such fascinating combinations of colors and patterns. Instead, your decor inspiration can be colorful typography wall art with your favorite sayings, poems, names, or even useless words.

In 2021, you will see different types of indirect and energy-efficient lighting options, but the statement lights will be available with incredible designs and ornaments. Claire Ownby and her team use such statement lighting options in the neutral colored living and dining rooms to be the focal point of the place. The following photos for Claire Ownby’s designs will provide you a clear insight to the expected trends in 2021.