Explore the Pros and Cons of Glass Countertops

Among various kitchen countertop ideas, glass is one of the most lovable one these days and if you are wondering that why one should opt for glass countertops? Indeed, glass countertops are the latest trend in high-end kitchen decor. In this article we offer you the glass countertops pros and cons to gain sufficient knowledge before buying glass countertops.

Glass countertops can beautify any kitchen as they have sleek and elegant appearance. Given below are the glass countertops pros and cons that will assist you to know more on the same. The big advantage of glass is that it can be colored to match any décor. No one can ignore that glass makes an ideal work surface. Glass is durable, heat resistant, easy to clean, and charming.

Firstly, glass countertops pros:

You can customize glass countertops according to your preference and choices. Whether you have a small or large kitchen, you will find glass countertops in any size.

Glass countertops will guaranty you a healthy food due to glass is a non porous material and hence, there are no chances of bacteria and mold thriving on galss countertops. Keep in mind that glass countertops are resistant to heat and moisture. Before buying a new glass countertop take into account that the more thick the glass, stronger it is.

Secondly, glass countertops cons:

Natural stone and granite countertops are stronger than glass countertops. If you have a tight budget, then don’t think of buying glass countertops as they are quite expensive as compared to the other countertop options. You should be extra careful while handling glass countertops in order not to harm yourself.

The big disadvantage of glass countertops is that there are high chances of the glass getting scratched or chipped and the cracks and scratches can’t be repaired. Cleaning glass countertops and keeping them spotless is a hard task.

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