Eye-Catching Home Finishes by Deb Reinhart You Will Admire

Your home is a reflection to your personality and life-style before your friends and guests alike. To provide this place an eye-catching look, you should apply your own decorative ideas taking into consideration the interior designers’ advices to avoid the expected decorative mistakes.

If you have an artistic personality and tend to travel and collect unique items, your home should be a true reflection to your personality. In a Chicago tri-level loft’s dining room, Deb Reinhart and her team translate the homeowner’s ideas of a man cave into reality using tiger patterned fabrics, realistic animal heads, woven reed window treatments, African antique artifacts, and a tree-branch looking Antler chandelier. In the upper level of the same home, the designers provide the place an oriental touch with the patterned area rugs, the detailed moldings, mirrors, and oriental wall panels.

To provide an existing room a French luxury, you can just choose effective elements to change the entire look of the place. Deb Reinhart and her team add a luxurious and charming French touch in a Lake Forest country bedroom using lush draperies, painted moldings, cashmere beddings, a canopy bed, custom glass panels, a tender portrait, and a warm white lampshade.

In a Chicago home, Deb Reinhart create a stylish look in a high-end kitchen with a European influenced environment, glossy concrete floor, a decorative suspended ceiling, and sheer drapery panels.

If your dream is to live along with nature, you can design a two-season sunroom in a suitable room of the lower floor or an extension to your home. Deb Reinhart designs a wonderful and airy sun porch with long windows, colorful fabrics, and dark wooden furniture and windows to provide the place a warm feel in the cold winter nights.