5 Fabulous Ideas to Add a Feminine Touch to Your Home Office

A lot of people now work from home. Working from home is even more preferred by women because it makes it easier for them to juggle their family, housework and job duties. To finish her work successfully, it is important for every woman to keep her home office neat and pretty. Read this article for some great ideas about that.

1- Install shelves close by. Shelves can benefit you a lot if you have a home office. You can store books and work papers on your shelves. You could also use them for decoration. Instead of going frequently to the kitchen for a cup of coffee, put your stylish coffee pot on one of the shelves. Also, place your phone and printer on other shelves to do your work more easily.

2- Use your home office to reflect your personality. You can use colors and decorations you like for your home office. Do not restrict yourself with design rules. Be creative and try different arrangements and colors. Showcase what you love, like your favorite needlework piece or your kids framed photo.

3- Liven things up with green power. Plants are a decoration favorite for everyone. Use indoor plants to decorate your office. Plants also help with reducing the harmful electromagnetic waves that electronics produce.

4- Invest in a good chair for your home office. Do not borrow one of the chairs in the kitchen or the dining room. The long hours you spend on your office chair will take a toll on your body if you do not get a comfortable easy-to-adjust chair.

5- Install proper lighting. Lighting can help you function better at work, brighten up things, and add a feminine touch to your office at the same time. Use wall sconces. They are available in many gorgeous designs that can give you the ultimate feminine touch. Women love to spread their lively gorgeous effect around them, so it is no wonder they should do that where they work as well.

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