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Fabulous Ideas for Your Family Room Design

Family room is all about fun, entertainment and spending good times. The family room design should be comfy and enjoyable. Make your family room theme reflects your and your family interests. For example, if you are interested in movies hang your favorite movie posters on your family room walls.

We all agree that, a comfy sofa is the main element in any family room design. Nowadays, sectional sofas are the most commonly used; it’s comfy and gives a warm feeling. When you choose the sofa fabric, remember that family room needs something easily cleaned like, microfibers fabrics or leather and choose them in dark colors. Bean bags are such an amazing idea to add to your family room.

When it comes to accessories, you can choose from many ideas like, hang family photos on the wall, put a coffee table with some magazines on it or put a snack table. You can also put a dark colored rug on the floor. Make sure to make the front legs of your family room furniture on top of your rug and if you will put a coffee table, put it on top of the rug; it really adds a very warm look to the room.

Your kids may not like the movies or the game you watch, so you need to make a place for them in the family room for their toys, a PC or a craft table. And also consider having storage places like, CDs, DVDs or shelves for your books and magazines.

Ok, now comes the important part. There is no doubt that every room needs to have a focal point and most people use the TV as the family room focal point. Remember your family room design reflects your personality and your taste and for sure the TV doesn’t present any special touch.
The best solution for this problem is to put a fireplace instead, but the TV is still there and will present a second focal point. You have bunch of solution for this problem, you can mount the TV above the fireplace and put a wooden frame around it. You can also use your TV as painting by instating a nice nature screen saver or you can use flip down or pop up display technique.

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