5 Fabulous Ideas for Implementing Art Deco in Your Design

Art deco is a widespread art and design movement that first started at the beginning of the 1930s. It tastefully combines elements of Egyptian, Mediterranean & French culture with geometric patterns and vibrant colors. It is no wonder that many love this beautiful blend of tastes and cultures. We will tell you how to implement this lovely design in your place.

1- Use geometric shapes and designs in your decor. Painting geometric shapes on your walls using stencil art or using wallpapers with geometric design will give you this effect. Art deco utilizes geometric shapes to make a striking effect on viewers.

2- Some elements of Art deco design were popular at the 1930s, so try to use them in decor. For example, use animal prints and African safari themes. Take into accounts that Art Deco uses shiny and metallic materials boldly to make a lavish effect. Materials like glass and shiny fabrics, and colors that have a gorgeous pearl and tortoiseshell shine are used excessively.

3- Use accessories and themes with Egyptian and African flavor to breath life into your room. At 1930s, archeologists started to uncover many Egyptian relics and monuments. Hieroglyphic symbols and Egyptian themed prints became very popular. Use furniture and fabric with such themes and motifs.

4- It is called “Art” deco for a reason. A room decorated in Art Deco design is like a gallery made especially to be savored by viewers’ eyes. There are sculptures used for decoration or lighting (sculptured lamps). There are oil painting in bold colors and furniture with ornate decoration. In Art Deco decor, art is used in abundance.

5- Art Deco décor dramatizes your life with its grand flare effect. When looking at Art Deco design you will feel like you are in a Hollywood-celebrity’s home. You will see bold zigzag striped patterns in contrasting colors, and furniture with bold lines in lavish silks and satins.

When you choose to decorate your place in Art Deco design, you are saying “I am bold and I like it!” It will accurately reflect your dominant charismatic character.