4 Fabulous Ideas for Livening Up a Barren Space

DO you sometimes feel that being in a certain room in your house makes you tired or gives you negative vibes? Do you think that how that room is decorated is the reason for that? (since it didn’t make you feel this tired before its decoration?) Read in this article how to transform the ambiance of any barren space you have with these fabulous ideas:

1- Use a refreshing paint color to your walls. Walls play a major part in whether a room looks fun or boring. Therefore, pick a new color for your walls. Try different shades on the same wall to enhance the effect. Remember that the same pieces of furniture can look different with different backgrounds.

2- Add an elegant touch to your space with classy decorations. If you are trying to remodel your living room, for example, use some elegant pieces to add a sophisticated atmosphere to the room. You could get a wall fireplace for the room. Alternatively, top the end tables and your coffee table with a gorgeous glass surface, or even hang a stylish chandelier.

3- Reflect your character and taste with how you decorate your place. So use things that reflect your personality. If you are into needlework for example, frame your art and mount it on the walls or use it as tablecloth for your coffee table. If you love music, use music instruments to decorate the walls.

4- Naturalize the space. Plants have a soothing effect on people around them. Moreover they look gorgeous and add a cozy touch to your place. There is a limitless variety of indoor plants that can make any place look better.

Decoration is not about arranging your space so that your guests would not find a fault with it. It is a way of improving how you live by adjusting your surroundings.

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