6 Fabulous Ideas for Using The Much Practical Yet Underrated Pegboards

What are Pegboards? They are sheets of hardboard made of different materials, and they have holes drilled next to each other at even length. Usually they are used to pin notes or papers using pigpens. However, they have many uses you don’t know about which you are going to discover in this article.

1- Your backsplash kitchen tiles usually do nothing but look pretty. Therefore, Instead of wasting that precious space, Install a backsplash pegboard. A backsplash pegboard looks beautiful in a kitchen and it will give you a lot of wall space for hanging kitchen pots, pans and utensils.

2- With a Pegboard, you can make a picture or photo gallery. You can place and replace any photos of any size to make your own gallery and you will not need to ruin your wall with punctures in the process.

3- in the kitchen, you must have one wall at least covered with a pegboard.. A pegboard in a kitchen will help utilize vertical wall space. You can even use the pegboard to mount shelves for items that cannot be hung.

4- a piece of pegboard hung with cords beside your vanity will help you hang all your accessories. Bracelets and necklaces can be kept safe hung on a pegboard, and this way all your accessories are easily accessible and easy to look for when they are pinned orderly to the pegboard.

5- Your laundry room could get really messy with all the brushes, detergents and stain removers laying around. Use a pegboard, to hang all of these things neatly far from reach of your children.

6- You cannot afford to buy a new office desk? then create your own office desk with a regular table and a pegboard. pegboard will help you mount shelves and pin all your important papers and notes. You will need no drawers or cabinets anymore.