5 Fabulous Ideas for Storage in Disguise

Whether you are living alone or with your family, you must have many things to store and put away. Many wonderful storage ideas have sprung out from that need. However, some people think that all these ideas about shelves and assemble it yourself cabinets have made their places more of a storage than a house. We shall tell you here some ideas that will help you store things sans the storage look.

1- Storage decorated chests are a great idea to store things and add an elegant touch to your room. Decorated chests are carved and may have stained and colored glass. With a decorated chest, you have the greatest piece to embellish your house and no one will even guess it is for storage.

2- Are you tired of the dozens of jars holding spices and condiments? Then try magnetized containers. They are available in many colors, so if you pick – for example – black ones, you can stick them to your white fridge making a polka dot look while holding your spices.

3- You need a place to store the clothes that are not in season so that they are not laying around ruining how your place looks, right? Then do not ruin it with an out-of-place ugly-looking assemble-it-yourself wardrobe. Observe the style and theme of your place then pick a design you like from internet and order it custom-made.

4- Instead of an end table, put a chest or a cabinet. Worried about the storage look? Then cover it with a tablecloth.

5- To decorate your fireplace mantle, use vintage china pots and teacups. They look great above your mantle and can be used to put away coins, pins, keys etc.

Finding storage solutions is no excuse to make your place look worse. Remember, you are fixing the clutter problem not worsening it.

Pics Via : decoist