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4 Fabulous Types of Lighting that Will Make Your House Look Larger

The problem of small space is one problem that many people face. Over 70% of the researches have stated that the problem of small places or areas that look small can be solved effectively with the right lighting. Natural light makes your small rooms look bigger during the day, but what about the night? Here we will tell you about the types of lighting that can make your place look larger.

1- Under cabinet lighting is a great way of solving the small-look problem in the kitchen. These lighting fixtures make your kitchen look bigger. They are installed in places that are usually dark, thus they null the effect of cabinet shadows which make your kitchen look smaller. Complement them with stainless steel surfaces to maximize their effect.

2- A good type of lighting for small living rooms and dining rooms are ceiling mounted lights. Sometimes wall mounted lights or lamp lights do not emit enough light to reach the ceiling. This makes the ceiling looks dark and enhances the feeling of a small place. With wall-mounted lights, your ceilings will be well lit and will make your room look spacious.

3- Wall sconces and lighting fixture are a good type of lighting that can make your halls look bigger. They look stylish as well and you can choose the type of voltage of the light bulbs to create the desired effect.

4- Fluorescent lamps provide you with strong light. These lamps also live much longer than usual lamps. They do not consume much power as well. Moreover, they do not overheat or burn your skin when you try to change them. They are available now in many shapes and sizes that can suit every taste. They are a great way of making your rooms look bigger.

Good lighting is an important trick to make your room look larger. Therefore, provide your place with the lighting it needs. Make sure that the lighting works complement the design of your house.

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