Impressive False Ceiling Designs with Accent Lights

The false ceiling is a secondarylayer below the structure ceiling to hide its defections and give the place an aesthetic look. The designs and lights of such a ceiling may create a modern, traditional, or rustic looks to match your home style.

The modern false or multi-level ceiling becomes availablewith a plethora of sizes, colors, materials, patterns, and visual effects to blend with the function and decor of your home. The designs of this ceiling can be made of wood, metal, gypsum, or faux leather painted white or the same color of the room.

Such a ceiling may have different functions including sound insulation, light reflection, ventilation, and even fire resistance. For example, you can install drop out or melt out ceiling tiles will allow the sprinklers to extinguish fires providing any room the needed ventilation and aesthetic look.

The white or colorful LED ceiling lights will give your false ceiling an incredibly impressive look as they will create fresh and original brightness in the room. The color you choose for these lights will add a special feel to the white room and will enhance the color of your colorful walls. Such lights are easy to install and environmentally friendly as they use less electricity. You can choose long or small bulbs according to the ambience you need to create, but try to ensure that their replacement will be easy at the time of installing them.

The design of your false ceiling can take the shape of a plate, a panel, or a rod according to the shape of your furniture and floor covers. The tiled panels come with mineral fiber, metal, or wood to blend with the room style. The round gypsum false ceiling with the right details or dim lights can be the focal point of your traditional or modern room.