3 Fantastic DIY Ideas for Decoration

Many people spend a lot of money on decorations and ornaments. They follow the slogan: “why make it if you can buy it”. This is wide spreading philosophy that needs to be deflated, because people can make many gorgeous decorations by themselves, but they are just too lazy or too hesitant to try. We will learn here some great DIY decoration ideas.

1- So you have a few chipped mugs and teacups now and they do not look good anymore? Do not throw them away. If you have few chipped cubs of the same set, glue them to a tray and paint them with ceramic colors and use a glue gun and some beads to decorate them. You will have a lovely tray on your vanity for storing accessories. You could even use them as candle containers.

2- Wood is one thing you should never throw away. It looks gorgeous painted or not and using it no matter what state it was in means being appreciative that nature blessed you with it. Use sandpaper, glue, bolts and screw to make many things out of wood. The most evident thing to make is shelves for your books and decorations. Alternatively, you could be more creative and use it as a base for your string or coiled paper art.

3- You remember what we said about coiled paper art? We said you could use recycled wood, but what about the paper? Use paper rolls (like toilet paper rolls) for that. Cur these rolls into cylinders and glue them into the shapes you like. Then spray them with your favorite colors. They look extremely beautiful and no one will even guess they were made of paper rolls.

Many decorations you buy are made using the techniques mentioned above. Therefore, do not waste your money on buying decorations and use whatever you have to display your creativity.

Pics Via : nomoneywilldecorate