3 Fantastic Ideas for Any Extra Room You Have in Your House

Do you have an extra room in your house? Did you find yourself in a situation where you do not know what to do with it so you filled it with whatever you do not want in sight only to regret wasting its space later? Well do not worry because we will tell you – or rather remind you of – few fantastic ideas on what to make of your extra room.

1- An extra room is perfect to be a closet room. Especially if it is rather small or far from the main areas of your apartment (kitchen, living room etc). You can prepare this room and set it to store many things. Install shelves for boxes, and put a wardrobe and install hooks for your clothes. There are even cabinets set to be like steps that help you reach higher places in the room for extra wall space for storage.

2- Another good idea for an extra room – especially if you have teenage kids – is making an entertainment room. Put there a TV and game consoles. Moreover, if your kids are into music, it would be a good idea to put their instruments there. Decorate the room with bold colors for the walls and the furniture and install strip lights to enhance the ambiance of fun and entertainment. Make sure to soundproof the room with the proper materials.

3- An extra room is also perfect as a study area. Usually kids study and do homework in the kitchen or the living room. However, these rooms are places of gathering for the rest of the family. Listening and watching them while studying can be distracting. With a room set especially for studying, kids can focus on their books and homework.

Extra rooms can be a blessing especially in this day and age when people barely afford to live in small places. So make sure to make the best of this blessing.


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