Fashionable Wall Decorations – Vibrant Colour

Since your room decoration is a mirror to your personality, then adding some drama to your decoration should help in revealing the real you through your personal touch. Adding Drama to your room should be an easy thing once you unleash your imagination, and only then you will be able to behold the endless and unlimited options you have. Walls are considered a good start for a personal touch, there are six available options to renovate the walls which are tiles, paint, fabric, wallpaper, lighting and wall accessories.

To start having fun with decorating the walls, consider the style of the room whether traditional or modern, the overall theme you want to apply and the available space. Having considered these factors you can start picking your material.

Wall tiles are mainly used in kitchens and bathroom and this year’s fashion has picked a hell of a winner which is the vibrant colour with gloss like red and white. Gloss in tiles gives the illusion of a bigger space, so if you are tight on space it will be great for you. Neutral colours are out of the competition for a while.

painting techniques have differed a lot, now you can use the mix and match technique to blend more then one vibrant colour on a single wall or even create a colour block on the wall usimg your favourite colours or even create stencils.

Fabric ia another way to go, but take care to pick something interesting and with exotic colours. Wallpaper is back to the game with exotic colours and geometric shapes, however try avoiding floral wallpaper unless you are aiming for a retro theme. Try finishing off with a mirror and glass arrangements with spot lights, they will give sophistication to your design.