7 Fatal Decor Mistakes That Everyone Must Avoid

When decorating a new room in your place, you become full of vigor and enthusiasm. You look for every piece carefully. You look for every tip and article talking about making your decor better. However, you might – in your enthusiasm – forget to avoid some of the mistakes mentioned below:

1- You choose what others like instead of what you love. Remember, it is where you – not them – are going to live. People like different things, so there is no use trying to please this and that. Choose only what YOU love.

2- Do not block traffic. Placing your furniture in a place that blocks people’s way is a big mistake. They will have to move your furniture forth and back and this will stress you out and shorten your furniture’s life.

3- Do not spend much on furniture you do not use often. If you can spend a lot, spend it on things you use all the time. So do not waste your money on auctioned night lamps when you need a new presentable living room couch.

4- Do not hoard things. People keep all sorts of ugly useless furniture pieces just because they received from this relative or it was the first thing they bought after their first son was born etc. Do not keep it unless you use it and need it.

5- Painting before furnishing is another fatal mistake. It seems like common sense to furnish in a place with already painted walls. But your furniture choices will be limited by the colors on your walls and you might have to settle for furniture colors you do not like.

6- Do not rush things up. Decorating process might seem overwhelming with the variety of choices you face in every move, so you decide to rush it and choose whatever. This is a big mistake that will cost you your time and money.

7- Do not push furniture against the walls. Place your furniture closer to the center of the room unless you have too little space. Furniture hugging the walls makes your room seem smaller.

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