Feature of Your Dream Master Bathroom by Lee Kimball

At your bathroom design or remodel, you should achieve most of your wish list elements within your budget limit. If you are still confused, Lee Kimball will help you define the suitable designs and materials for your bathroom and your taste at the same time.

To create a personal retreat, your bathroom should be eco-friendly, highly functional, glamorous, and durable. If your bathroom is too small, the mirrored wall, corner shelves, and skylights should be at the top of your wish list to provide the place a spacious and clean look. The dual and waterfall showerheads are the best alternatives to the bathtub, yet you can install a Japanese soaking tub in your small bathroom and a sauna in your large space.

You can keep the airy and luxurious look of your dream bathroom installing sneaky storage spaces such as organized pullout shelves along an unused wall or even under the countertops.

If you will install cabinets or vanities in your dream bathroom, Lee Kimball recommends the European style cabinets with their frameless doors, smooth surfaces, single panels, sharp edges, and clean lines. Along with such cabinets, you can install water resistance and popular countertop options such as marble, granite, slate, quartz, and waterproof wood.

The colors of your dream bathroom should be your own choice, but the black or brown with white will create a dramatic and interesting contrast in the place. You can still create an all-white space or neutral colors with bold accents according to your dream mood. Your dream bathroom will be ideal when you add an open look using large windows and even waterproof wallpaper with natural views to deceive the eye of having a spacious look. You can still decorate the place with high-tech chrome or copper fixtures that change the color and temperature of the water.